King Adjustable Bed


Solstice Sleep Products


This adjustable bed allows you to rest comfortably as you sleep, read, watch TV, or use a laptop. It is easily adjustable for those who suffer from medical conditions such as acid reflux, sleep apnea or anyone who needs to be elevated at night.


King Adjustable Bed Features:

USB ports to charge your electronic devices

• Ergonomically designed to proportionally fit your body

• Low Profile and able to be used in most beds

• Head Position Adjustment

• Foot Position Adjustment

• Two Motor System

• One touch return to flat button

• Fully upholstered

• Compatible with head-foot-rail beds or mountable headboards

• 3 Year bumper to bumper warranty

• Tested to 650lb weight capacity

• Backup battery system for power outages

• Low noise and smooth operating actuators

• National 800 number for service calls

• Storage Space underneath


  • SKU:
$ 999.00